Sunday, 12 July 2009

Wowza! Model's Own Neon PM trio, reviewed


When these neon bottles tumbled out of their jiffy bag onto the garden table, my housemate looked up from his laptop and said "What is that?? Is it makeup?"

Yes, it most definitely is!

Neon PM is one of several nail polish trio collections assembled by stylish new British cosmetics brand Models Own. The pink, green and highlighter-yellow shades are all available to buy individually for £5, while the trio together costs £12.

I'm reviewing all three of these brighter-than-bright polishes. Read on to find out if the result is dazzling or simply extreme...

It took me a while to decide which shade I wanted to try first. In the end I wore all three at once.


I admit I had some trepidation - when I've tried neon shades in the past, I've experienced very poor colour payoff, especially in the yellow department. Models Own's "Lemon Drops" from the trio is a happy exception. With three coats I had achieved a near-opaque coverage. The formula is slightly shimmery, and the reflectiveness adds to the appearance of thick coverage. Similarly with the green shade "Lime Light", three coats was plenty to create a high-pigment pop of colour on my fingertips.

(NB please excuse my inky fingers - a biro chose to explode.)

It was the pink shade "Pink Sorbet" that really dazzled me the most however. I'm not a "pink" person at all, but I couldn't help but be mesmerised by this all-out 1980's fluoro shade. It's pure "Barbie" in a bottle. It also applies like a dream, with a smooth creamy consistency.

I wore these shades with Sally Hansen Color Wear base coat and Insta-Dri top coat. The top coat gives a shiny finish, but the polishes actually have a slightly matte effect when worn alone.

I can't promise I'll be sporting these on a regular basis, but for, say, an 80s night they'd be an amazing finishing touch to an outfit. The application and wear is fantastic. If Models Own can achieve this kind of quality with out-there shades, I'm excited to see what their more conventional colours are like. There are 63 colours in the range, and at just £5 each, they're well worth checking out. Eyeshadows and lipglosses are also available in an array of shades.

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